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Psychic Abilities and Definitions:

Alchemy - An occult science dedicated to the study of personal and external transformations. Alchemists were among the first to develop and use techniques like the Scientific Method and processes like distillation and sublimation. Their efforts formed many of the foundations of modern chemistry. The two most noted goals of medieval alchemists was the transmutation of base metals into gold, and the quest for the "Elixir of Life" , a potion of such remarkable curative properties that it could even cure the disease of aging.

Animal Communication - A more empathetic form of telepathy targeted at animals.

Ascension - Converting the body to pure living energy and retaining consciousness in this energy state.

Aura - A multi-layered energy shell that surrounds all living things. The Aura has many interesting properties including a substantial electrical and electromagnetic presence caused in part by friction of blood within the walls of the blood vessels and effects caused by the transmission of electrical nerve impulses through the body.

Astral Projection - (also called Out of Body Travel, Soul Travel or Psychic Projection): Temporarily separating the Astral body from the physical body while retaining consciousness and sensory awareness in the Astral state.

Astrology - "Study of the stars": a system of relating the positions and influences of the heavenly bodies to terrestrial events.

Aura Viewing - Viewing the energy shell surrounding all living things. Useful in diagnosis and healing.

Automatic Writing - A specific method of channeling that allows the subconscious or another entity to take direct control of a limb for the purposes of communication.

Bilocation - A kind of partial teleport where a second material body is created at the target site while the primary body is not dematerialized at the starting point. Both bodies are controlled by a single consciousness.

Binaural Beats - A means of artificially inducing a specific brain wave frequency in a person by applying a different audio frequency in each ear to create a "Beat frequency" inside the brain. Binaural beats has been called "electronic meditation" or "Speed meditation" since it can help users reach specific brain wave patterns very quickly. Click the link to try them for yourself.

Biorhythms - Biorhythms work on the principle that your physical, emotional, and mental aptitudes each follow natural cycles that started at the moment of your birth. When a given attribute is in the positive area, you will perform better than average, and when the attribute is negative, you will generally perform worse than you normally would. By plotting the graphs of these three attributes, you can find days that are more favorable for certain types of activities. Click the link to go to a page where you can actually see your own biorhythms to try it out.

Brain Waves - The frequency of electrical activity happening inside the brain. Brain waves are grouped into 4 main categories, each with their associated base state of consciousness: Beta (14-30 HZ), Alpha (8-13.9 Hz), Theta (4-7.9 Hz) and Delta (.1-3.9 Hz). Specific brain wave frequencies between 4.4-8.5 Hz tend to create interesting experiences and psychic manifestations perhaps because of a synergy and resonance with the earth's own electromagnetic field which vibrates within that frequency range.

Chakra - from the sanskrit word meaning "wheel", which describes the shape of the unique energy nodes within the human aura that effectively comprise "psychic organs" used to metabolize different types and frequencies of energy. There are seven main Chakra located along the spine from near the tail bone to the top of the head and hundreds of lesser supporting Chakra all over the body.

Channeling - Allowing another entity to communicate through your body.

Circadian Rhythms - Essentially, the bodies "Biological clock" for a 24 hour period that defines patterns of sleep and wakefulness.

Clairaudiance - "Far Hearing": The ability to psychically hear events taking place at distant places or even from different times.

Clairsentience - "Far Knowing": The ability to psychically "know" information from distant place and is generally considered to encompass the simultaneous use of both Clairaudiance and Clairvoyance.

Clairvoyance - "Far Seeing" The ability to psychically see events taking place at distant places and even different times.

Cryokinesis - "Cold Movement": A very specialized subset of Telekinesis that entails siphoning off kinetic energy in a sample to psychically lower its temperature, possibly to the point of freezing and beyond.

Dematerialization - The act of psychically exciting a material object to the point where it can no longer maintain a physical presence and turns into pure energy.

Divination - A general term describing any of numerous means used to tell the future. The word comes from the Latin meaning "To be inspired by God".

Dowsing - a means of using a tool like a rod or pendulum to answer questions or find hidden materials like water or oil.

Empathy - a means of directly tuning into the emotional state of a subject without using the normal social cues.

Invisibility - Psychically rendering a person (or object) "un-seeable" either by altering the way light reacts with the target or psychically inducing a "suggestion" into the mind of the subject that prevents them from recognizing the target.

Horoscope - A chart or diagram used in Astrology to represent the relative positions of celestial bodies and their angles at a specific point in time, usually for a key date like a birthday.

Invulnerability - The act of "hardening" the aura to form a shell around the practitioner that acts like a kind of "Spirit Armor". Iron Shirt kung-fu calls this "The Golden Bell" that will surround the practitioner and protect him from harm.

Levitation - The means by which an object is psychically raised into the air and can be made to float.

Materialization - Imparting physical characteristics to a dense cloud of psychic energy to create a tangible, solid object.

Miracle - a spectacular event manifesting a supernatural power or act of the divine.

Numerology - Describes any of a number of systems that study numbers and their influence on us.

Precognition - "Before Knowing": Psychically knowing of an event that will take place in the future.

Psychic Healing - Using psychic forces and energy to repair or reconstruct living tissue.

Psychic Illusion - A kind of partial materialization where only visual and/or auditory characteristics are given to the energy and there is no physical substance created.

Psychic Light - A precursor to psychic materialization and illusions where the energy is just starting to take on visual characteristics that allow it to be seen by normal people, and not just those who are psychically sensitive.

Psychokinesis - "Mind Movement" (also called "telekinesis"): The ability to move objects and manipulate energy with the mind.

Psychometry - The ability to psychically "tune in" to a specific object and sense its history and interconnections with other objects and people, usually by touch. This psychic attunement usually manifests via a clairvoyant or clairaudient event where the psychic may see or hear events related to the object and is a skill often associated with psychics who help in criminal investigations.

Pyrokinesis - "Fire Movement": Essentially the same skill as Cryokinesis but in reverse: a psychic means of adding additional energy to an object to induce more kinetic energy or heat, possibly to the point of ignition or explosion.

Remote Viewing - Essentially another name for Clairvoyance: A means of disembodied viewing of a remote scene.

Sacred Geometry - Using the mathematical proportions, ratios and harmonics found in music, light, cosmology and nature in general (things created by the divine) as a guide and foundation for the construction of man made objects and buildings. These proportions were especially used in the construction temples, churches, monuments and other "sacred" places.

Scrying - A means of remote viewing that uses tools such as crystals, mirrors, or still water as a mental focus.

Shape Changing - A means of converting the body to energy and then reassembling that energy into a new form while retaining the original consciousness.

Siddhis - A Sanskrit word meaning perfection, accomplishment, or attainment. The word is also used to describe one of the numerous psychic "attainments" like invisibility, levitation, or teleportation that come from the study and mastery of various forms of yoga, like for example, "Raja" (or "royal") yoga, which focuses on the discipline of the mind and spirit.

Spell - A metaphysical "formula" used to help facilitate a specific result. A spell may contain any combination of material, mental, visual, vocal, temporal, or harmonic foci to help the practitioner reach the correct mental state to tap into energies or "higher powers" not normally available. What many people think of as "Prayer" can be considered a kind of spell that often begins by using ritualized words before asking their Deity to act on their behalf.

Telekinesis - "Distant Movement" (Also called "Psychokinesis): The psychic ability to move objects or manipulate energy.

Telepathy - A means of communication that goes directly from one mind to another without an intermediary like sound.

Teleportation - A means of near-instantaneous travel by converting something to energy in one place and rematerializing it back in its original form at a distant location.

Tomorrow People - A term referring to people who have developed advanced psychic abilities like those referenced in the book Miracle Mastery, including telepathy, telekinesis and teleportation. The term came from a series of television shows by the same name that aired on BBC in the 1970's, a remake on Nickelodeon in 1990's, and the CW reboot of the show airing on October 9, 2013.

Transmutation - Conversion of one object or substance to another, often associated with Alchemy and turning lead into gold.

Yoga - From the Sanskrit, meaning "To join". A general term for one of numerous variations of the ancient Hindu sciences related to improvement, unification and mastery of the mind, body and spirit. Most westerners are thinking of "Hatha" yoga when they hear the word, which is a system of stretches, postures and exercises designed to maintain health and flexibility of the body.

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