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Telekinesis Trainer from Mattel?!


Ok, I confess that I thought that we were still a few years off before we saw this kind of technology make it into the main stream consumer *toy* market at a reasonably affordable price, but I have to say I'm delighted I was wrong about the timing!

Mattel's "MindFlex" uses a wireless brain-wave monitor headset that can control a small ball floating on a cushion of air through an obstacle course. It is without a doubt the coolest thing I have seen in a long time.

While it's not true telekinesis, believe it or not, this device can be of genuine help in developing the mental control required to perform the genuine article.

The device is tuned to a brain frequency that makes it more applicable for the general consumer to have fun with, in the High to Mid Theta brain wave band, but the actual discipline required to keep the mind focused within the brain-wave frequencies it is tuned to is actually an excellent form of meditation, and a VERY fun form at that!



When no master to teach you there is...


Uncle Milton Toys has come up with a similar device to Mattel's MindFlex, but for those interested in truly learning telekinesis, this one is not quite as strong a choice as "MindFlex", above.

The "Star Wars Electronic Talking Force Trainer" uses a wireless sensor headset to pick up on brain-wave patterns in the low Alpha - high Theta range, making it a little easier to work with, but it is a bit farther removed from the desired brain-wave patterns where all the cool psychic abilities really live, down in the low Theta band.

Don't let the kid in the video fool you... it can still be pretty challenging to discipline your mind even to work in these frequency bands, it is a heck of a lot of fun to manipulate something strictly by thinking about it.

Any Star Wars fan will have a field day with this one, and the device actually is a useful tool to teach the kind or relaxed, focused attention required to accomplish the real psychic abilities that we are looking for.



Astral Projection / Out Of Body Experiences

  AstralProjection.org ($19.95)

When you purchase this package it will take you to a page where you can download 5 different "Binaural" Audio samples that help induce an altered mental state that is conductive to Astral Projection.

Binaural audio is a technique that sends a different audio frequency into each ear so that the resulting "beats" from the audio interference inside your brain creates a pattern that your brain waves settle into. These particular audio samples are tuned to create the same types of brain waves as people who are projecting create. Binaural Audio has been called "Speed Meditation" because it is an extremely fast way of training the brain to create wave patterns that normally take many years of intense meditation practice to develop.

This program is weak on documentation but is extremely easy to use and fairly effective. Just play the sounds from a stereo audio source (preferably a good pair of noise canceling head phones) and you will feel *something* almost immediately. For me it was almost like a cold chill racing through my body and then shortly after I found myself approaching the familiar drowsy, relaxed state that proceeds an astral projection... but a lot faster than usual.

Like most Astral Projection techniques, the real trick at that point is to maintain consciousness while you allow your body to get more relaxed and finally "slip out" instead of just drifting off to sleep.

While this program can help get you to the door of Astral Projection pretty quickly, as with any psychic development program, they can't do it all for you. You still have to cross the threshold yourself and that takes practice.

On the whole, I think this program is a good value for the price.





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