Psychic Invisibility: How and Why it Works


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Psychic Invisibility: my very first *verifiable* psychic experience

Psychic invisibility is one of the more dramatic psychic skills that I've had firsthand experience with and it was actually the very first psychic ability that I experienced where I had objective, independent witnesses that could confirm that what was happening was “real” and not just a product of my imagination.

Invisibility is just one of many yoga siddhis: spirtual gifts, or "attainments" that come as a result of advanced yoga training. (Click this link if you are interested in learning how to attain Siddhi.)

Imagine the wonder of seeing someone literally fade out of sight right in front of you!

Seeing, or in this case, “not seeing”, is believing, and with the independent verification of this one ability, all of my studies and research suddenly moved out of the realm of theory, speculation and wishful thinking and squarely into the realm of “Oh my God, this stuff is for real!”

Psychic invisibility requires a kind of single-minded clarity of thought in order to manifest the effect, either by summoning and manipulating large amounts of psychic energy to envelop the object or person that you wish to turn invisible, or to send clear telepathic signals out to influence those nearby.

The easiest method of invisibility, called the "Cloud Method", falls into the “condensation” class of psychic abilities and mind powers. This group of psychic skills includes the ability to make “psychic light”, psychic illusions, invulnerability, and at its ultimate level, the ability to materialize a solid object.

My first experience with Invisibility was a true milestone in my psychic explorations, and one whose study led me to a great many of the breakthroughs that ultimately resulted in my how-to guide: Miracle Mastery.

Miracle Mastery gives detailed, step-by-step instructions for not only psychic invisibility, but all other psychic skills in the condensation class as well as other physical psychic abilities ranging from radical healing, to telekinesis, to teleportation, and many, many more.

Be sure to check it out!


How psychic Invisibility works:
Being “unseeable” vs. being “unable to be seen”

The distinction between being “unseeable” vs. being “unable to be seen” may seem pretty subtle, but it is an important one that directly impacts which of the approaches to psychic Invisibility that one chooses to study and explains some of the different operating characteristics of these approaches.

Normal vision is the result of the eye receiving light that has bounced off the object being viewed. If light can be bent or diverted around a target, that target would be "unseeable" because the eye would not receive any of the light that bounced off that target.

Methods of “unseeability” have the down side in that they are exceedingly difficult to learn and take a very long time to master. The advantage of these methods is that when you are manipulating light directly, any person *or device* that uses light to operate, like a camera for example, will not be able to see the Invisible person or object.

This is true Invisibility. This is the method that was allegedly attempted by the (in)famous “Philadelphia Experiment ” (sometimes called “Project Rainbow”) by the U.S. Navy back in October of 1943.

On the other hand, methods of rendering something “unable to be seen” are much easier and faster to develop, but they are not true Invisibility.

They work by creating and/or exploiting weaknesses in the way that our brains recognize and/or process the visual information sent to it by the eye similar to how the example of motion-induced blindness works in the example below:


The down side to these methods of psychic Invisibility are that while they can fool most people (depending on their own level of psychic awareness) they can not fool a camera or other electronic recording device.


Methods of psychic Invisibility

In my extensive studies, I have learned that there many ways to become “invisible.”

The first four methods listed below are all methods of becoming “unable to be seen”:  they are methods of psychically tricking the mind of the viewer into not recognizing/registering what their eyes are looking at. The fifth method is a method for how to become “unseeable”. There is at least one more method of becoming unseeable that I am still researching, but I don't have enough of the details worked out yet to include it here.


Psychic Invisibility Method 1: The "Cloud" method

The first, easiest and most practical method of psychic Invisibility is the one that I teach in my book, Miracle Mastery. It is a way of surrounding yourself with a dense field of psychic energy that is tuned to “astral colors” that are so incomprehensible to the untrained mind that the brain assumes it has received “bad data” from the eye.

The brain treats the data that the eye sends about an object inside an invisibility cloud in a way very similar to how the motion-induced blindness example above works, or in a way similar to what it does when visually processing the “blind spot” from your eye, by mentally constructing what the image should look like without the “visual anomaly” present.

This technique has the advantage of being a stepping stone of much more exciting techniques, like condensing the energy cloud around you into a form of kinetic barrier that works like “psychic armor” to make you invulnerable to physical harm, and many other psychic skills that fall into the condensation class of abilities covered in detail in Miracle Mastery.


Invisibility Method 2: Broadcast Telepathy

The second method of psychic invisibility is a form of “broadcast telepathy”. This is a means of transmitting a specific telepathic message to those nearby that basically registers in their brain in the same way as a hypnotic suggestion, indoctrinating the minds of those nearby at a very low level with the message “There is nothing here to see.”

Regardless of the quality of the data that the eye sends to the brain, if the brain refuses to process it, those images might as well never have happened.

What's interesting about this method is that its effects are easily demonstratable though the standard techniques of hypnosis. A subject that is hypnotized to not see a person, simply will not. In fact, they will even subconsciously go out of their way to maintain the notion that the person is not present.

For example, if the "invisible" person stands in the path of a hypnotized subject, that subject will deliberately move around the invisible person and continue on their way. If the hypnotized subject is asked why they stepped away, they will not remember the action at all and if pressed will actively deny it.


Invisibility Method 3: The Silent Mind

The third method for someone to become invisible is the “silent mind”, a technique of cultivating a mental thought barrier so complete, that it essentially disconnects the practitioner from the common background “noise” that people subconsciously and telepathically generate all the time.

The result is that to a normal person, there is something so subtly disquieting and “wrong” with this “radio dead zone” where a living person should be that the viewer subconsciously avoids the area and it is extremely difficult to direct attention to the person so cloaked.

This method is extremely difficult to master, and almost impossible to use while performing any sort of physical activity since even the mental effort involved in controlling the limbs shatters the absolute mental stillness required for the effect to manifest which makes it generally impractical. This method only makes sense when you are hiding, remaining still, quiet and hoping to be “overlooked”.

(It's also helpful if you don't want someone to take the empty seat next to you on a bus!)


Invisibility Method 4: The Mind of Chaos

The fourth method of becoming invisible is a technique that I call “the mind of chaos.”

It is slightly similar to method 2 but without the rigid discipline required to send specific telepathic instructions, combined with almost the exact opposite of the third method… Sometimes when people are extremely distracted, absorbed in unpleasant thoughts or so high strung and wired that their mind is constantly whirring from topic to topic, the mind generates a short range telepathic field that is extremely uncomfortable to others nearby.

It subconsciously broadcasts the psychic signals of “chaos/disquiet/danger” to those around. The practical result is that untrained people subconsciously sense something “very wrong” in the spot that you are at, and subconsciously steer clear of this “uncomfort” zone. (Even though they don't actually register that there is someone else there). It is very hard for an untrained person to approach or recognize what they are seeing, as their mind subconsciously invents reasons to look away and “not get involved”.

What is interesting is that spiritually advanced, compassionate people, the kind of people who would stop to lend aid and comfort to a stranger are not only immune to this effect but on sensing the mental restlessness and disquiet may actually be drawn closer to offer assistance.

It's also not a particularly healthy method as it tends to radically elevate the blood pressure making it dangerous to practice, plus it amounts to practicing skills extremely disruptive to the cultivation of other psychic talents. This is the technique most responsible for the relatively rare but documented cases of “spontaneous Invisibility” in everyday people.


Invisibility Method 5: Telekinetic Invisibility (True Invisibility)

The fifth method of invisibility is different from the others in that it does not occur in the mind of the viewer.

It is a very rare, extremely advanced form of telekinesis that is used to make something unseeable. It is a means of creating a kind of telekinetic/electrokinetic bubble around the target that warps light so that no reflected light from the invisible person reaches the eye of the viewer.

Since this is a telekinetic practice that actually bends light, this method can actually induce effects in electronic devices like cameras and motion detectors as well as the eye of the beholder.


What is like to be Invisibility?
What do YOU experience when you are Invisible?

With the cloud method of invisibility, while you will be able to see yourself, at first it won't be easy.

When you get your initial success you will not be proficient enough to easily look at objects inside an invisibility field… not even yourself!

You can have some limited success because you will have the advantage of the practice that you needed in order to produce the field in the first place, but until you get a lot more practice you would have a hard time making out details of things. Remember, you are immersed in the same energy field that prevents others from seeing you and it affects your own eyes and visual cognition in the same way, but to a lesser degree.

For example you would be able to see the general shape and position of your own arms while invisible, but it is very unlikely you would be able to make out details clear enough to see for example, a ring or wristwatch that you were wearing.

It can be a little disorienting at first.

With practice, seeing objects in the invisibility field gets easier, but until you are extremely skilled, seeing the invisible is an active skill that you need to deliberately “turn on.” You won't be likely to just happen to notice someone or something that is invisible unless you are looking for them.

For methods two, three and four, since these are all methods that influence the viewer, not what is being viewed, you won't *see* anything different from your perspective. You may notice that people nearby will subconsciously try to avoid you, and you may notice that they seem to be a increasingly distracted or preoccupied as they get physically closer to you.


What if you interact with someone while Invisible?

The different methods of invisibility all yield different results when interacting with people, so clearly some methods are better than others for certain situations.

In the first four methods, if you are invisible but directly in front of a normal person, their mind recognizes that “something is not right” there, and will subconsciously turn away and try to avoid the spot.

If you are using the cloud method and force the issue, particularly by making contact with them, or blocking a passage that they need to use, they will absolutely know you are there, and it is possible that with a bit of effort they will detect the field around you, almost as you might see the after images behind your closed eyes after you look into a bright light.

They may be able to make out the “unnaturalness” and approximate the size and shape, but unless they were psychically developed themselves they would not be able to see deep enough into the field to make out any specifics.

If you are using true invisibility by telekinetically bending the light around yourself, there is no chance that you can be physically seen at all unless the person gets physically inside the shell, which is very unlikely since the shell can and should be made very close to the skin.

Since all other methods essentially result in the brain of the viewer convincing itself that there is nothing to see, it will go to extraordinary lengths to convince itself that you are not there, even to the point of ignoring other stimuli like incidental sounds.


Try Psychic Invisibility for yourself!

The cloud method of invisibility is by far the fastest and easiest method to learn, but it still takes a great deal of practice to master the art of summoning and controlling the psychic energy needed to create this effect.

If you are interested in psychic development in general, and learning how to perform specific, dramatic, independently verifiable abilities like psychic invisibility, I've just finished an extraordinary course that shares the results of my 30 years of psychic research.

"Miracle Mastery" contains step-by-step instructions for Invisibility and 15 other dramatic, * physical * psychic abilities, from instantaneous psychic healing to teleportation and materialization. There has never before been a manual available to the public that covers these abilities in enough detail to actually learn them.

It takes time, patience and practice, but the experiences are literally life-changing!

The course also includes a method that I have pioneered of using lucid dreams to develop a fast connection to your subconscious so that you can access these abilities *much* faster and more reliably than with any other method.

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