How to Attain Siddhi

How to attain siddhi


How to Attain the Siddhis:
The Psychic and Spiritual "Attainments" of Yoga.


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What are the Siddhis:

Before one can begin the journey for how to attain siddhi experiences, lets start by explaining what they are, and where they come from.

Siddhis may be considered by some as a form of mystical, "supernatural" power that is tied to the internal energy of the body. Some think that by raising the kundalini energy within, or by stimulating the internal "psychic organs" known as the "chakra" these psychic powers and abilities will be manifested, but these siddhi powers are not strictly a function of the amount of energy you can generate. They are also dependent on the quality, purity and focus of the energy generated.

The descriptions of the various siddhi powers and other assorted psychic abilities have ancient roots stretching back for literally thousands of years. Many of the most common names and descriptions can trace their roots back to the ancient Vedic texts of India, like the Bhagavad Gita, or books like The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali which date back to before the time of Christ.

These ancient books describe eighteen different kinds of "mystic perfections" and meditations, eight primary, and ten secondary (plus five "minor" siddhis). In reality, there are an infinite number of siddhis since these "core" siddhi abilities can be combined to create nearly every effect imaginable.

Here are the Eight Primary Siddhis

Anima-Siddhi: "The ability to become smaller than the smallest particle" - This siddhi offers the practitioner the practical knowledge and understanding of the most delicate interconnections of matter, space and energy, and the ability to manipulate it. A psychic power associated with this siddhi is the ability to control the density of an object or ones body such that one could walk through solid matter.

Mahima-Siddhi: "The ability to become larger than the universe" - This siddhi offers the practitioner the practical knowledge and understanding of the most grand interconnections and workings of things far away including the workings and interactions of all celestial objects. A psychic power associated with this siddhi is clairvoyance (literally: "Far Seeing").

Laghima-Siddhi: "The ability to become lighter than air and fly at will " - A psychic power associated with this siddhi is the ability is Levitation.

Prapti-Siddhi: "The ability to touch the moon with one's finger " - This siddhi removes changes the relationship between two locations. A psychic power associated with this siddhi includes teleportation.

Prakmya-Siddhi: "The ability to obtain whatever is desired" - This siddhi can be interpreted in many ways, but I believe it relates to the ability to generate perfect mental focus and irresistible will power that allows you to achieve your goals: An inner mental mastery. This is a gateway ability, required for the practical exploration of all the other siddhis.

Ishita-Siddhi: "The ability to control the elements" - This siddhi offers the practitioner the power to manipulate elemental forces for such practical effects as to produce fire from air, or to "dive into the earth as if it were water, or climb upon the air as though it were earth."

Vashita-Siddhi: "The ability to control others" - This siddhi offers a kind of mental influence over those around you and is touched on in some forms of psychic invisibility.

Kamavasyita-Siddhi: "The ability to obtain anything from anywhere " - A psychic power associated with this siddhi is the ability of Materialization: the ability to condense physical matter of any desired shape and form. It is said to be the highest of the eight primary siddhis, and contains many subtle and combined variations of the other seven.


Here are the Ten Secondary Siddhis

- To be immune to the effects of hunger and thirst: The cells of the body metabolize energy directly from the energy of the akasha surrounding us without the need of food to create chemical energy inside the body.

- Clairaudience: To hear things from distant locations

- Clairvoyance: To see things from distant locations

- To travel at the speed of thought: (Teleportation)

- The ability to assume any form desired (Shape changing)

- The ability to enter the bodies of others and experience things through their senses.

- The ability to choose the time of ones own death.

- Witnessing and participating in the pastimes of the Gods. (Best guess: the ability to see and cross between dimensions)

- Perfection of accomplishment: The ability to see and travel a perfect path to one's accomplishment

- The power of Command: Giving orders that are absolutely obeyed.


Here are the Five Minor "Siddhis of Meditation"

- Knowing the past, present and future (Omniscience)

- Extreme tolerance to hot and cold

- Knowing the minds of others (Telepathy/Empathy)

- To be immune to the effects of the elements: Not burned by fire, not drowned by water, immune to poisons, etc.

- To be "unconquerable": Invulnerability


How do the Siddhis work?

For those that are interested in how to attain siddhi, you may be interested to learn that the modern science called "Quantum Physics" (the study of the wave/particle duality of matter and energy) actually explains in scientific terms how the siddhis work. It gets incredibly complex, but what it all boils down to is this scientifically proven but extremely unintuitive fact: "The act of observing something changes it."

You may think this is ridiculous. You can stare at a pebble from now until the end of time, and it's still just a pebble, but that's just you don't have the mental discipline to "look" at it in the right way to make all of the atoms and molecules do something at the same time in a way that it is observable with the naked eye.

Most people do not have the mental discipline to generate sustained, pure, coherent thought in the correct way in order to attain the siddhi experiences they are looking for.

Traditionally, many years of specific kinds of meditation exercises are required before the mind is disciplined enough to manifest these siddhi effects which is why I created Miracle Mastery to radically reduce the amount of time required before you can actually see the results.


How to attain Siddhi: What you need to know before you begin.

How to attain Siddhi, or "spiritual powers" of Yoga is one of the more common questions that I get from people that already have some experience in psychic development.

These people already understand that the Siddhi Powers of Yoga are well documented and that there are many, many examples of Yogis demonstrating a dazzling array of extraordinary "spiritual gifts." They are eager to have their own "mystical experiences" with exciting abilities like levitation, teleportation, materialization, telepathy, healing and others for themselves and may therefore believe that the path of Yoga is the surest method to accomplish this goal.

What you need to understand is that from the perspective of Yoga, how to attain siddhi is the wrong question to ask... and it's the wrong goal to stride for. Acording to the Yoga philosophy, the siddhi powers are a distraction that take you away from the path of spiritual improvement. Spiritual evolution is the true and noble goal of Yoga, not to chase these special abilities and for this reason, the active pursuit of the Siddhi powers is strongly discouraged in the correct practice of yoga.

With that said, Yoga's methods *do* lead to the natural development of certain "precursor" skills that are required to manifest these spiritual powers and abilities. Through the study and practice of Yoga, the Siddhis will come naturally as a side effect of your own progress, in their own time, when you have mastered the prerequisite levels of focus, concentration, energy and control (both of your mind and body.)

This might sound great, but the simple truth is that if you are practicing Yoga just so you can learn how to attain the siddhis, your practice is inherently flawed, and you will not achieve the abilities that you seek.

Study yoga for the right reasons and in the right way, and the siddhis come naturally and are treated like a sign-post that you are on the right path. A sign-post to be acknowledged and then moved past on to greater things.

Study yoga for the wrong reasons, and its benefits including the siddhis are tantalizingly close, but forever just out of reach.

The Miracle Mastery Approach for How to Attain Siddhi Abilities:

For me, my quest to discover a specific method of creating physical, reality-changing psychic phenomena lead me on a thrilling, 30 year adventure which ultimately led to the development of Miracle Mastery, the most comprehensive manual for how to attain siddhis powers and physical psychic abilities ever written for the lay-person.

My path was not that of the Yogi who seeks spiritual enlightenment and happens upon these extraordinary psychic attainments which are then to be ignored. My approach was that of a scientist, trying to isolate the specific exercises that produce "results", and that is exactly what I did.

I discovered, (and in many cases re-discovered) exercises that developed my own psychic skills to the level where I had my own personal experiences with many of the siddhis powers listed above. I've had direct experience with phenomena like omnicience, telepathy, invisibility, psychic light, and even teleportation.

Understand that the exercises that got me to the level where I had these successes in manifesting the siddhi changed me.

Spiritual growth was not my intention, but was an inevitable side-effect of doing the exercises. In my case, my path to spiritual development was the opposite of yoga. While yoga teaches the pursuit of spiritual evolution with the inevitable side-effect of the siddhi powers, my approach was to learn how to attain the siddhis powers with the inevitable side effect of spiritual growth.

There are many paths up the mountain!

How do *YOU* proceed from here?

At this point you need to make a choice.

What is your goal? What are your motivations?

What is *YOUR* path up the mountain?

Looking for Spiritual Growth?

For the spiritual types,Yoga is a magnificent art with a rich history and thousands of years of beautiful, elegant tradition that leads to many spiritual rewards, some of which involve the siddhis. This path may take a long time before you can actually *see* the results of your progress in the form of siddhi powers, but there are many, many other rewards on this path that are also awaiting the devoted practitioner.


Looking for How to Attain Siddhi Powers and *Physical* Psychic Abilities directly?

If you wish to specifically focus on how to attain the siddhis powers and experience other physical, "Miraculous" psychic abilities, then consider the course of exercises outlined in "Miracle Mastery." This book is designed to take someone with no experience in psychic development by the hand, and teach them the step-by-step exercises that develop directly into physical, tangible psychic abilities and siddhis powers. There is no faster, more effective method of developing these abilities than the methods I teach, particularly if you choose to take advantage of the extraordinary method that I pioneered of using lucid dreams as a psychic training ground.

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Looking for how to have a psychic experience TONIGHT?

If you are curious about your psychic abilities and simply wish to experiment and see for yourself if there is anything to them, then you may wish to experiment with a system known as Binaural Beats. Binaural beats and their more effective cousins, "Isochronic beats"are extremely fast and effective at guiding the mind into the "zone" where psychic experiences often occur. Binaural beats will not allow you to directly access any of the siddhi powers that relate to physical psychic abilities because of the nature of how they work, but they are incredibly effective for helping with the secondary skills required for these physical abilities, like meditation for example. They are also extremely adept at allowing beginners to have their first experience with the psychic perceptions (ESP) *very* quickly... often within the first use.

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