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Is this all this psychic stuff for real?

Yes. Psychic phenomena come in many, many different forms. The more common forms tend to be subjective, and happen spontaneously in states of low-stress or deep relaxation and so they tend to be very hard to reproduce in a laboratory. The artificial, controlled environment and/or the stress of being measured and recorded for correct answers is usually a perfect combination to prevent results. The more dramatic psychic abilities like telekinesis, invisibility and teleportation take a long time to develop and those that have these abilities are very careful not to reveal them to the rest of the world. It is my hope that the materials in this web site will let you experience a genuine psychic event for yourself. That way, you have absolutely no doubt that these phenomena exist. 

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Can anyone have a psychic experience?
  Almost. With the exception of people with some kinds of mental dysfunction, anyone has the potential to have a psychic experience. Psychic events are mostly linked to being in a relaxed, receptive state, so people that are often stressed, nervous or high-strung are not as likely to experience these events. People who are relaxed, empathetic and introspective tend to have a much higher incidence of spontaneous events.
How can I have a psychic experience for myself?
  The "basics" of having a psychic experience are actually quite simple: Learn to deeply relax the body, and learn to quiet the mind. The rest will happen naturally. The details are the hard part. "Quieting the mind" so that you can get out of your own way and "lock on" to the subtle psychic impressions is not an easy thing to do. Traditionally this sensitivity is developed through meditation, but it usually takes a couple of years of dedicated practice to start experiencing psychic things. For *much* faster results, try meditation combined with Brain Wave Entrainment recordings like binaural beats and Isochronic tones. You can learn more about them here: Learn about Brain Wave Entrainment for Rapid Psychic Development.
Do you do offer psychic readings?
  No. I believe that everyone has psychic abilities and to that end I have chosen to spend my time encouraging people to awaken their own psychic powers and have their own experiences rather than rely on others to do it for them. If you cultivate your own psychic abilities and intuition, they will always be there when you need them. There are things that you might experience during a psychic vision that you simply cannot put into words, so no matter how good a psychic you visit, you can never get the "whole picture". If you experience it for yourself, you can interpret it on your terms and within your own context and so you get much more out of it. Also, once you start having these experiences for yourself, you gain a tremendous amount of self -confidence.
What's the difference between a miracle and a psychic ability?
  The short answer is "There is no difference": A miracle and an overt psychic ability both fly in the face of conventional logic and classical physics (but Quantum Physics actually offers a framework where psychic abilities can be explained.) Some may differentiate where the energy comes from to perform an extraordinary feat with the idea that a God or Deity is the direct source of a miracle while a specific person may be the source of a psychic ability.
What kinds of psychic events have you experienced directly?
  I've been lucky enough to experience a number of interesting things over the years including Astral Projections, Telepathy, Lucid Dreams, Invisibility, Clairvoyance/remote viewing, Precognition, Bilocation, a "psychic knock-out", and extraordinary brush with something close to Omniscience that I call "the Tapestry".
Is there any place I can go to see an honest-to-goodness miracle?
For the most part, a miracle can happen anytime, anywhere, but there is a place where you can stack the deck dramatically in your favor to view an honest to goodness "Phenomena". The most regularly occurring religious miracle known is called "The Miracle of the Holy Light". It has taken place at the same time for the same event in the same place every year for centuries and thousands gather to witness it each time. It happens in the “Holiest place on earth”,: the Orthodox Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem where Christ was entombed, each year at noon on Pascha Saturday (the day before the Orthodox Easter). A blue light forms in the church and floats about lighting oil lamps and some candles held by the faithful. The fire from the candles looks and acts like a large flame but does not burn, and so many of these people will actually "wash themselves" in the candle flames as a symbolic baptism by fire.
You can see some pictures and more information here: http://www.holyfire.org/eng/velich.html
Do kids and younger people have an advantage in developing psychic abilities?
  Yes and no. Younger people tend to have fewer bad habits to unlearn, and seem to be more receptive to the idea that humans can manifest special abilities. That adds up to a pretty big advantage, but the down side is that they often lack the mental discipline and patience that comes when they get a little older.
Does the level of education have a bearing on people's beliefs about the paranormal?
  According to a 2006 poll of 439 college students compared to a Gallup Poll of supernatural beliefs, the answer is yes. The surprising results indicated that the percentage of people who believe in psychic and supernatural events increases with their level of education. Graduate students were more than 47% more likely to believe than freshmen.
You can see the results of the poll here.


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