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Psychic Pets and Animal Communication:
Some things you might like to know...

The desire for true animal communication has probably crossed the mind of just about every person who has ever grown close to an animal.

We get to know our animal companions very well in the course of lives together, but invariably there are times when you would just love to know what the heck they were thinking or better yet, what things are like from his perspective.

Animal empathy and animal telepathy have been around for a very long time. These skills are the basis of the idea of the witches familiar... which itself is the basis for the legend of a black cat crossing your path being bad luck.

A "familiar" was an animal that had a special relationship with the witch. It was more than a pet, more than a companion. It was thought to be an actual living extension of its master. What the familiar saw, the witch saw, and what the familiar heard, the witch knew.

Since black cats were thought to be the preferred pets of witches, to have a black cat cross your path meant that you were now on the witches radar, so to speak, which in the beliefs of the day, was very bad luck indeed!

It may interest you to know that like many superstitions, there is a grain of truth at the core of this. It really is possible to develop the psychic ability to perceive the world through your pets senses!

Now I'm sure that you are already aware that your pet probably has keener senses and a more finely developed sense of intuition than you, but you may not know that your pet is probably more psychic than you are.

It's not that they have more natural ability than humans. Actually, the opposite is true, but animals have a huge advantage in their own psychic development that most of us do not: they act on what they feel. They don't over think things and rationalize things like we humans do.

There is a way to develop a fascinating telepathic connection with your cat, dog, or just about any domestic or even wild animal that you often come into contact with once you understand how.

Dogs are perhaps the easiest to develop a psychic connection with. They are already loving, loyal and enjoy the sense of closeness that they share with "their" humans. Developing the feelings that are already there naturally comes easily with practice.

Cats are a bit more challenging because they tend to be more independent and more easily distracted, but it can be done, and learning to see the world as your cat sees it is a very eye opening experience, to say the least!

Unlike conventional telepathy where you are mentally communicating with another human, animal telepathy requires that you work at a more primal level. You need to communicate in images, in feelings, and in sensations rather than with words.

It really is an art, but one you can develop with practice, and the next section gives you a framework for how to do it!


Developing the Telepathic Rapport with your Psychic Pet.

To begin, pick an animal, the younger the better.

We are going to be doing a special kind of training, both for the animal and for ourselves. Young animals like puppies or kittens are more receptive to this kind of training and conditioning than older animals, but that doesn't mean you can't teach your old dog this new trick... it just may take a little longer!

Start out by finding a quiet, comfortable place where you and your companion will not be disturbed or distracted.

Get relaxed, and stare into your pets eyes, but as you do so, imagine changing your perspective so that you are seeing things from his point of view... Try to imagine looking at yourself through his eyes.

Envision yourself clearly while project feelings of warmth, security and love. (This simple exercise helps develop the bond, and quite often you'll be rewarded with a lick on the nose at this point)

Next, touch your pet gently and feel it's heart beat with your hand. While still viewing yourself through his eyes, add a new dimension to the exercise by adding that same rhythmic heart beat in your "mind's ear".

Practice often, and progressively incorporate more of your pet's senses into the exercise. Imagine hearing how he hears. If he is laying down, mentally feel the texture of what he is on.

Practice frequently. Eventually your mental construct of what you see/feel/hear will start to change subtly as you and your pet start to tune into one another and you will feel a deeper closeness.

Once the psychic connection develops, try communicating your wishes to your pet with clear mental imagery.

If you want your pet to come over, mentally dial in and see him trotting over to you from his perspective, and envision the reward that he will get for doing so... be it a getting pets, treats, etc. (ALWAYS FOLLOW THROUGH AND OFFER THE REWARD AS PROMISED! You are teaching your pet to respond to your mental instructions just as you would to verbal instructions. You need to be absolutely consistent so that he learns to associate doing what you ask mentally with a pleasurable reward.)

Practice this often, and over time you will develop a very strong psychic bond with your pet!

Need help with the tricky part?

Animal Telepathy is different from human telepathy in that animals don't communicate with language in the way we do.

Sure, your pet learns to associate certain sounds with certain things, but it doesn't really comprehend the words. That is why it is so important to send and work with images and feelings.

I have found that certain training aids like binaural beats and isochronic tones can *dramatically* increase the effectiveness of your practice and the speed that you get results. They are not required for success, but I have had fantastic luck using them and highly recommend them.

If you would like to learn more about this incredible psychic training technology, just click here. I particularly recommend the various recordings designed to help you with meditation. These can give you the same results that took me years to develop, and do it much faster than you can imagine! They will help your concentration and consistency for all abilities that you practice.

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