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Did you know that pilot, engineer, and Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon, conducted ESP experiments during the Apollo 14 mission?

Did you know that the Governments of every major country in the world including the United States, Russia, China, India, and many, many others have been quietly pouring millions of dollars into scientific research into how to effectively trigger and explore psychic abilities?

Did you know that they succeeded...?

Your psychic abilities are
much closer than you think!

In just 10 minutes from now, you could be using the exact same breakthrough technology that scientists and researchers all over the world are using to unlock and study the astounding psychic abilities that we all posess...

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Psychic Abilities explorer, Dave DeBold  

Hi! My name is Dave DeBold, and I have been researching advanced psychic development methods for over 30 years. I know the tremendous amount of time, effort and dedication that it takes to unlock your true psychic potential using traditional methods and that is why I am so happy to tell you that there is now a much faster and easier way.

I used to meditate for hours every night, and in the course of my practice, I've experienced some amazing things that I would love for you to experience for yourself...

Imagine if you had an uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time, know when someone is lying to you, avoid speeding tickets, find lost objects, or even find your perfect partner.

What if you could be your own psychic, and had a sixth sense that would let you navigate even the most treacherous situations with the exhilerating confidence that comes from *knowing* that you are following the absolute best course possible?

Just recently I was at the house of some friends of mine and they had lost the remote control for their TV. After days of frustrated searching, they concluded that the dog must have carried it off and that it was lost. As they were telling me this, it was like I had literally gone back in time to the moment the remote was lost. I saw with absolute clarity exactly what had happened to it. I got up, moved unerringly to the spot where it had ended up and produced the remote almost before they finished their story of how long and frantically they searched.

They were completely stunned!

Things like this are only the tip of the iceberg... even more dramatic abilities like Astral Projection, Remote Viewing, Telepathy, Precognition, (and many more!) are available to all of us if we can just teach ourselves how to reach the correct mental state.

YOU have psychic abilities, and I will prove it:
I'm going to show you *Exactly* how to
experience a psychic event for yourself...


As soon as you understand where psyhcic abilities come from and how they work you will understand why they were so hard to experience and study until recently.

EVERYONE has these psychic abilities, but unfortunately not everyone has the time or discipline to develop them the traditional way. Even with my level of dedication and practice there were days when I just couldn't find the right frame of mind no matter how hard I tried.

"It was very frustrating to experience something so exciting,
but not to be able to repeat it consistently."

Worse yet, I couldn't share these incredible experiences with my friends or family because none of them had the kind of time and dedication that it took to see results.

Out of frustration I started looking for a short cut so that the people I cared about could experience the same abilities that I did while at the same time I could experience them faster and more consistently.

That search brought me to something called "Brain Wave Entrainment", and this is an incredible tool that can help you experience amazing abilities quickly and consistently.


Where do Psychic Powers come from and why are they usually so hard to experience?

Your brain is an incredible instrument. Depending on the specific task it is trying to do, it speeds itself up or slows itself down to the speed that is best suited for what it needs to work on. Since the electrical impulses related to thought in your brain travel in waves, they are called "Brain Waves", and the speed that these waves are created in your brain is called the "Brain Wave Frequency".

If you are suddenly threatened, "your mind races" because you need to "think fast" to come up with ideas on how to get yourself to safety. Your brain wave frequency would be quite high in this situation.

When you relax, your mind slows down and so your brain wave frequency slows down too.

Now here is the important part:


There are specific brain wave frequencies that correspond to the psychic abilities that we
want to experience... but they are slower than the brain wave frequency of sleep.

This means that when you try to approach the range where psychic experiences happen
through traditional methods like meditation, you are very likely to fall asleep before you
go deep enough to reach them until you have a LOT of practice.

Sometimes we reach these deep levels of consciousness and actually experience a psychic event while sleeping, like an Astral Projection (which we may remember as "Flying Dreams") or some other event like remote viewing, telepathy, or even precognition.

Now here's the kicker: For many of us, it's hard enough to remember our regular dreams, but when you reach these psychic levels your sleep is so much deeper that it makes it even harder to remember these "psychic dreams" clearly.

Many times we don't remember them at all, but sometimes we experience a person or place that helps trigger a partial memory of that psychic event and we end up getting that feeling of "Déjà vu", the feeling that we know what is about to happen or that we've done this before.


How can we reach our "Psychic Frequencies" without falling asleep?

If you have a lot of patience, dedication and you are willing to put in a year or two of regular daily practice, meditation is the traditional way to go...

...but if you want to expereince something incredible today then you need to use something called "Brain Wave Entrainment."

Brain Wave Entrainment is a technique of using external stimulation to act as a kind of timer that your brain waves fall into sync with, like Binaural Beats or Isochronic tones.


These are just sounds that are specially crafted to produce a very specific pattern for the brain waves to follow that goes gently to the threshold of sleep and then quickly passes through the "sleep zone." It shoots past the area where you are most likely to fall asleep and steadies out in the area of the psychic ability we want to experience so quickly that your body doesn't have time to actually put you to sleep!

The best part of all this is because you are completely conscious already, you come out of this state quickly and easily without going through all the normal preparations that your sleeping body goes through when preparing to wake up.

This means that your memories of the experience are very sharp and clear.


If "Psychic Frequencies" are slower than sleep how can we have sponaneous psychic events when we are awake?

Just because the specific brain waves associated with ESP and other psychic phenomena are slower than sleep, does not mean that these patterns occur only we are sleeping.

In many ways, your brain is more powerful than the fastest computers in existance, but unlike a computer your brain does not lock on to one working frequency at a time.

When it is working on something it tends to settle into the frequency range that works best for what it is doing, but there will be some other frequencies mixed in to a lesser degree.

When you work with brain wave entrainment, it guides the majority of your brain patterns past the sleep zone and into the area where the psychic experiences happen. This makes the psychic experience very easy to recognize because it comes in incredibly sharp and clear.

When you are doing other activities, these "psychic vibes" are not the primary brain waves, so the sensations will be extremely subtle and most people will miss them.

As you practice your psychic development and spend more time in the "psychic zone" with the aid of brain wave entrainment, you get more familiar, more comfortable, and more sensitized to the feelings that accompany the frequencies associated with your psychic powers. You learn to recognize them and pay attention to them... kind of like developing an ear for music.

When you have enough experience with your psychic abilities, it develops into a kind of sixth sense that locks onto these subtle sensations enough to bring them to your conscious attention.


Psychic Development and Brain Wave Entrainment

Did you know that trying to experience your psychic abilities is the fastest way to FAIL?

For most people, trying to consciously pay attention to the subtle sensations that are the beginnings of a psychic ability shifts their brainwave patterns towards the "thinking, searching and concentration" end of the mental spectrum: the exact opposite direction from where your psychic powers live.

As a result, these people are at best able to catch only a tantilizing glimpse of what might have been before their brain waves are completely out of the ball park.

Instead of taking the opportunity to watch a full color movie of an event with sound, they are left with a pale shadow of what the experience could have been: a vague feeling about the general nature of the experience.

The harder they look, the faster and more completely
they push their abilities away.

Brain wave entrainment methods like Binaural Beats offer a way around that trap.

They gently and effortlessly guide your mind into the relaxed, but extremely focused mental state that is at just the right brain-wave frequency to experience psychic phenomena.

You don't need to "do" anything except get comfortable, relax and enjoy the ride.

There is no thinking, and no "effort" required, which means there is no need for the conscious mind to instinctively "spin up" to the higher frequencies that actually turn off your psychic gifts.

When your mind operates in this state, your body can not help but follow along by becoming intensely relaxed, and this combination of a calm, focused, receptive mind and deep physical relaxation is the *perfect* state to experience a psychic event. (Plus, it happens so quickly that there is no time to get caught in the sleep zone!)

As an added bonus, the more you expereince your psychic abilities, the more comfortable and familiar this way of "thinking" becomes so you are more likely to have more experiences in the future.

It truly "unlocks" your talent!


What are Binaural Beats?

Binaural beats may sound like some spooky mumbo-jumbo, but they are actually incredibly simple, and amazingly effective. The word "Binaural" just means "two sounds", and that's all it is... just a couple of sounds that you listen to using stereo headphones or earphones.

You have two slightly different tones, one in each ear, and when you hear them both together the difference between the two tones actually generates a third sound at a different frequency. This third sound is the "beat" frequency, which is why we call it binaural beats.


How they work:

Have you ever listened to a song and found yourself tapping your foot
to the music without even realizing it?

Binaural beats (and the other entrainment techniques I will talk about in a minute) work just like that, but instead of getting your foot moving to the rhythm, we want to get your brain moving to the rhythm of a very specific frequency.

The problem is that the sounds that correspond to the brain-wave frequencies that create psychic abilities are below the threshold of what you can hear... So how do we get the brain to listen to a sound that the ears can't hear?

That's where the binaural part comes in!

We can put a sound in each ear that we can hear, and tune them so that the third sound that it makes inside your head is a beat that your mind can dance to!

The thing is, all kinds of neat abilities and experiences are waiting for you if you can get your mind working at the right frequencies. To do that is easy: we just need to let the brain listen to a beat that is at the frequency of whatever effect we are trying to produce.

Once the brain starts "tapping it's foot" to the music... presto! We're fine-tuning the brain, and we did it effortlessly, in minutes, and without the need for years of special training!


Psychic Development - Brain Response to Binaural Beats

Most people feel *something* almost instantly when they first try Binaural Beats and in many cases brain wave patterns start to sync to target frequencies in as little as six minutes!

Compare this to practicing meditation every day for years,
in the *hopes* of reaching this state!

What can Binaural Beats actually do?

When you are awake, your brain usually works within a specific frequency range, called the "Beta" frequency as seen in the table below:

Frequency Range
Usually associated with:
>40 Hz
Gamma Waves
High mental activity including problem solving and fear
13 to 40 Hz
Beta Waves
Active, busy or anxious thinking or active concentration
7 to 13 Hz
Alpha waves
Relaxation (while awake) and sleep threshold
4 to 7 Hz
Theta waves
Dreams, deep meditation, hypnosis, and psychic experiences
less than 4 Hz
Delta waves
Deep dreamless sleep

If you can find the specific brain frequency associated with a particular action, ability, or state of mind, you can use Binaural Beats to get you there incredibly fast and easily. With the proper sounds encoded to create the correct brain patterns, you can use Binaural beats to quickly and easily experience things ranging from something as common as falling asleep quickly to things as incredible and exotic as Astral Projection and other kinds of psychic phenomena.

When I first heard of Binaural beats, I was skeptical and I didn't believe that listening to something on headphones for 20 minutes could produce the same effects as my years of meditation practice. To see if they really worked or not, I actually made my own Binaural recordings to verify their effectiveness.

I certainly verified that they work: Since I didn't know the correct way to shift frequency ranges when they approached the range of sleep, I fell asleep almost immediately when listening to them, and then slept through the pattern that I was trying to use!

That setback was actually very exciting to me though. Even the fact that these sounds could put me to sleep so easily was still enough to prove that they really work. I just didn't have the time and resources to research and optimize my recordings to get the effects that I was looking for.

I've since found a great company that has already gone through the trouble of identifying and mixing the exact frequency ranges and the most effective transitions to create the mental state I am looking for without putting me to sleep. Their recordings are of excellent quality and they all have an eight week money-back guarantee, which is what finally convinced me to try them in the first place.

Below is a list of offerings from my favorite binaural provider: the "Unexplainable Store". You can click on the image below to visit them directly. When you visit them, be sure to download their free sample Binaural recording so you can see for yourself just how easy they are to use and how effective this technology is.

Psychic Development course offerings and Binaural Beats

Being something of a computer geek, I've actually looked at the sound forms and studied the frequency ranges that they use in their recordings, so I know they are doing what they say they are. Plus, the base frequencies and cover sounds used in their recordings are much more pleasant to listen to than some other companies I tried. Some recordings from other companies actually gave me mild headaches or had the same problem that my "amateur recordings" had... they just put me to sleep. For these reasons I just stick to the Unexplainable Store now.


Is there anything better than Binaural Beats to reach your Psychic Abilities?

As a matter of fact... there is!

Binaural Beats have been around for a number of years and are very effective, but even more effective options are available now. A new technology called "Monaural Beats" exists, where basically a binaural pattern is "predigested" for you so that the sound waves are mathematically combined just as your brain would normally do when it hears a Binaural beat.

This has two big advantages: The first is that it takes less effort on the part of your brain to process these sounds, and that allows your brain to relax and start to sync up to the pattern even faster and easier than with conventional Binaural beats.

The second advantage is that you don't need to hear a different tone in each ear any more, so you can do away with the headphones.

Monaural Beats were the most effective tools that you could use in brain wave entrainment until scientists just recently had a tremendous break through to create a new kind of sound-entrainment technology called "Isochronic Tones".

Isochronic Tones use a system of tuned sounds that resonate with the frequency of a "Beat" created by the tone switching on and off. The frequency of the tone and the speed of the pulses must be exact to get the desired effects, but your brain needs to do very little work to "see the road map", and the map that your brain waves follow is *MUCH* clearer, better defined and more effective than any other method devised so far.

Which recordings are best for your Psychic Development?

Many of the recordings listed above will help you experience a specific ability, and the ESP/Psychic one is particularly good for quickly reaching your very first psychic experience, but for the long term psychic development I highly recommend a more generalized approach.

While meditation by itself is not the fastest way to unlock your psychic potential, it is a fantastic supplement that can help you have richer, more frequent and more intensense experiences. The meditation and relaxation recordings are extremely helpful and offer many mental and physical benefits in addition to laying a solid groundwork for all of your future psychic training.

In addition to that, I recommend the Chakra Tuning recordings. Chakra tuning is a fancy way of saying that you are getting your internal energies in balance and working correctly together. This helps you feel energized, promotes excellent general health, allows you to have more frequent and more intense psychic experiences and is essential in some of the more advanced abilities.

Once you have established a solid base for your psychic development with these skills, you are much more likely to be successful in all of your psychic endeavors.


What does it feel like to use them?

When I first tried a Binaural recording, I was not expecting much. I created my own recording, downloaded it to my iPod and started listening to it with a good set of earphones. I was shocked to discover that I started feeling something almost instantly and then the next thing I knew it was morning because my recording put me to sleep so quickly.

I woke up feeling great, but after a few more experiences like that, I decided to stick with professional recordings.

When I bought the Chakra Tuning recordings via the "Ultimate Mind Package" I started to feel results within about 10 seconds of starting the Chakra recording. I started feeling chills running up and down my spine and after my surprise faded and I relaxed into it about a minute later I felt a curious sensation of heat rising up my spine and a pleasant tingle running through my body.

After that, I felt an incredible feeling of peacefulness come over me and my body felt light and tingly all over. It felt awesome and it only took a few minutes to get there. I've actually had experiences similar to this purely through meditation, but those experiences took much longer to reach, and were not as intense.

When I was finished, I felt like SUPERMAN! I was completely relaxed, had incredible mental focus, and was absolutely bursting with energy... I felt like I could do anything!

I bought quite a few more recordings from the Unexplainable Store since then, and I'm very pleased with them all. Each one produces different physical sensations when used, but they are all pleasant. I particularly enjoy the Lucid Dreaming one.

A lucid dream is where you realize you are dreaming without waking up, so you can take conscious control of your dream while you are still in it. It is absolutely incredible... like being a star in your own interactive movie. The sights, the sounds, the smells and even the physical sensations are absolutely accurate. Since a Lucid dream is a state where both your conscious and subconscious mind are working together, it is also a powerful method for coming up with creative ideas and solutions to address your waking problems.

It's an amazing experience.... one that I hope you get a chance to try it out!


Is Brain Wave Entrainment safe to use?

Absolutely. Brain Wave Entrainment uses the same sound frequencies that you hear all the time.What makes them special is that they arranged in a unique way.

They are generally as safe as listening to music through headphones, but since they *are* so effective when used, they can and will induce altered states of consciousness. For of this reason, they should never be used when you are in any situation where a lapse of attention or falling asleep could be harmful to yourself or others, like when driving a car or operating heavy equipment.


Where can I get the best Brain Wave Entrainment recordings?

The Unexplainable Store is *by far* the best place I have found to get Brain Wave Entrainment recordings and they are the only provider I use now.

You can be downloading them in just a few minutes, and these are the highest quality and most effective recordings I have ever found.

Plus, Jim is great at answering questions if you have any and he gives a full Eight week money back guarantee if you are not completely happy for any reason.

If you are serious about having a genuine psychic experience of your own, you really need to try these. The experience is incredible.


Click on the image below to try free sample downloads of all three technologies: Binaural Beats, Monaural Beats, and the newest technology: Isochronic tones. You can order order any of the recordings for the psychic abilities listed above in any of these three formats.

The Isochronic ones are a little more expensive, but are *very* effective, so I recommend them. (They are the only ones I use now.)

If you are on a budget, the Binaural Beats are your best choice. This is still an excellent technology that you will get great results from.

psychic abilities link to free samples

Once you see how great they work, why not place an order through this site?
If you order before midnight on
the Unexplainable Store will include over $75 in free bonus gifts with your purchase!


Still have questions?

If you still have questions, I encourage you to get the free additional information I'm offering simply for filling out the little form below. I've put a lot of great information in that package and it is very likely that I've already answered your question there.

If that doesn't answer your question, you can just click on this link to send me an email with your question:

I'd love to hear from you and I will be happy to give you an answer if I can!

Would you like to learn more about Binaural Beats?

I'd be happy to send you more information.

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Psychic Abilties - Brain Training book
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Why Binaural Beats are so incredible:

They really work!
You see results almost instantly instead of needing years of practice
They are practically effortless to use and unlock incredible potential
They are very inexpensive
Incredible mental focus
You can be using them within a few minutes from now
The physical sensations feel amazing
They come with an 8 week 100% money back Guarantee


You can try one for free right now:



Here's what folks are saying about their purchases
from the Unexplainable Store:

These testimonials come from real folks just like you!
If you would like me to put your experience with Binaural Beats on this page, just send me an email:


"I have been meditating off and on for about 13 yrs and have used other
brainwave frequency products but none of them have had such a strong
effect on me as your binaural beats."

Product- Creativity, Meditation, Chakra
We have been using the Binaural beats everyday since we got them without fail. I have been meditating off and on for about 13 yrs and have used other brainwave frequency products but none of them have had such a strong effect on me as your binaural beats. I know this because everyday, I make time to listen them as they work and work immediately. I don't know what makes yours different from the others but whatever it is, keep it up. I am using the Brainwave Entrainment, Creativity and have tried the Chakra. Can't say which is my favorite yet as I use the Alpha/Theta and Creativity the most. Thanks I am looking forward to trying the others. I want to try the ESP/Package.
Thanks again, -Ty F


"I was shocked at how deeply I went into meditation and how quickly.
I have never experienced anything like it."

Product- ESP/Psychic
I have ordered the ESP program and I have recommended it to my sister as well. Before I purchased it, I tried the free download. The 10 minute program on first use, made me fall deep into sleep or relaxation at my desk. I was shocked at how deeply I went into meditation and how quickly. I have never experienced anything like it. I have been doing meditations for about a year and can never get completely relaxed because of noise interruptions. I already have acute hearing and everything little sound seems to break my concentration. With this program I am able to stay within a zone without budging. I will usually listen to this program on the headset while laying down at night. What I have been experiencing is amazing. I love this program!! Thank you. - Racheal M


"What a great product! It took me to a level of meditation that I was
only able to achieve with years of practice in just one session."

Product- Astral Projection
I have meditated on and off for most of my life and have had some interesting experiences. I down loaded your astral projection package last evening and found it amazing! In just one session I was able to confirm that what I experienced years ago and which took much practice was astral projection. What a great product! It took me to a level of meditation that I was only able to achieve with years of practice in just one session. Not to mention that when researching binaural beat recordings your was by far the most affordable and convenient. I look forward to using more of your products. - Wes W


"...tears of joy."

Product- Manifestation
I used the manifestation 30min. and I was crying, but it was tears of joy. Does this really happen to people? I felt refreshed. after the session. - Shatesha A


"It was like i was both dreaming and awake at the same time... Wow, Thanks!"

Product- Lucid Dreaming
Normally I can hardly remember my dreams next morning except little bits and pieces vaguely. last night I put your binaural beat recording to the test. It was like i was both dreaming and awake at the same time. My dreams were much clearer and no longer black and white but in colors too. Wow, Thanks! -Fernando C


"I enjoyed this experience immensely and look forward to more."

Product- ESP/Psychic
I purchased the ESP Binaural Beat mp3 and immediately listened to it. I have a very bad habit of falling fast asleep during meditation and was extremely pleased to find myself conscious and yet deeply meditative through out and having some initial profound experiences that I have not had before, such as physical sensations and warmth in my hands and a strong sense of energy moving in and around me at times. I enjoyed this experience immensely and look forward to more. -E Farrow


Product- Chakra Stimulation
It started out nice and calm, then I started to feel weird. My face felt like it was extruding past where it should be, and my sense of reality was altered. I saw colors when I opened my eyes. When I looked up, I saw light green, and when I looked down I saw red. I bought 4 recordings, and this one is my favorite. - Dana H


Disclosure Notice:

Because everyone has their own unique mental landscape, there is no way to define what a "Typical"
result would be for a testimonial. Your results will be unique to you, and it is even possible that Binaural
beats may not be effective for you. For this reason, please consider trying a free sample before you buy,
and buy from a reputable store that offers a money back guarantee, like the
Unexplainable Store.

If you are interested in trying Binaural beats, please consider making your purchase through this site.
I am a compensated affiliate, and your purchases help me keep this site running!



Psychic Abilities Fast with isochronic tones

Click the link above for a free sample and see for yourself
how well they work for you!


Remember to place your order before midnight on
to lock in your $75 in free gifts!



"I definitely under estimated the power of binaural beats. It does wonders."

Product- ESP
I thought it was going to be just like any other subliminal recording. I definitely under estimated the power of binaural beats. It does wonders. Once I listened to the ESP recording, I ordered three others. -April M


Thanks for letting me teach your a little about psychic abilities and tell you about this great technology!

I hope you take the opportunity to explore them yourself.

Be sure to check out my new book, "Miracle Mastery" to learn all about telekinesis and 15 other *physical* psychic abilities too!

All my best,


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