Newton's Dark Secrets

Produced for public TV

by Nova


This is a fascinating DVD and highly recommended for the scholar and historian, but not so much for the beginning or intermediate students of Alchemy. It does have some cool information that may yield clues to the serious student, like the fact that Newton was convinced that ancient Alchemical formulas were hidden in code buried within classic greek myths.

Alchemists were notorious for protecting their work and ideas with complex codes and riddles, such that only the people that had a few key pieces of information could make any sense of their notes. To hide important information in plain sight within the classic stories and myths is a perfect way to make sure that the information is not lost while ensuring that only the right people who already had the keys to unlock the puzzle on their own could benefit from it.

Newton, with his keen powers of observation, natural curiosity and his fascination with discovering the natural laws of our world could very likely have discovered some of those keys himself. Clearly, whatever he discovered impressed him so much that he chose to spend the rest of his life in its pursuit.

Alchemical students might find some freeze-frames of Newton's notes enlightening (although he created and used his own alchemical codes too!) and reference to the names of documents and the names of the researchers working with them useful.



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